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Results Oriented Wellness Programs

Jump Start program

At Total Wellness Solutions, the wellness programs we offer your employees are infused with passion, motivation and enthusiasm.

Start with one seminar conducted by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable professional. Add a health fair with a staff that can really educate and encourage your employees to adopt healthier habits. Then implement a health challenge that creates team spirit, energizes your employees and results in lasting lifestyle changes.

Start small, create big results!

Full Year Wellness Programs

TWS works with its clients to develop year long wellness programs which tie in to the major national health observances calendar. We work with you to achieve a high participation rate. Interventions are ongoing and designed to touch employees as often as possible during the course of a year.

A typical year-round wellness service could include:

Confidential employee Health Risk Assessment with aggregate employer reports

A Health Fair with health screenings and education

An eight week Holiday Weight maintenance Program

A 12 week fitness program with a custom theme

Quarterly lunch and learn sessions targeted to your organizations specific health needs

Health Coaching for High Risk employees

Monthly Healthy Living Newsletter for employees